Dear Daughter


Dear Daughter, 
This world may not be as kind when you grow older.
That happens to other people too, the on you called friends or lover, the one you will doubt never. 

Things might be harder, life might seem cruel. 

but your heart, its pure; and your hands, tied wit tenacity, they'll help you endure.

So, experience many, but don't resent any;

love and kiss and fall deeply, fearlessly, endlessly. 

There will be time when you stumble and down, but bend your knee when you cry and jump higher than you ever try.

Because you are born as a little star and you will keep growing to soar.

One day you will understand, that those scar and sorrow are the reason we're alive and always seeking for forgiven tomorrow. 

99 letter for tomorrow - If I Have a Daughter Someday (Credit to @lucedaleco) 

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