Love and Marriage


Di suatu siang yang random, diantara hecticnya  pekerjaan kantor, saya mengirimkan whatsapp ke mas Suami:

Me: Kak, kamu setuju nggak, We both did not get married because of love, we married because at time we thought it was the most logical and practical things to do for our lives. Maksud aku, After all our marriage is not only about love , it much more complexity than JUST a love. 
Him: hmm Yes it is, take more than love for us to get Married, the most strongest reason at that time was (and still) we decide to spend the rest of our live with honesty, open minded, compassion and self acceptance. in other word for me marriage is both investment and insurance. The way we manage it for the future.
Me: Are we happy?
Him: Happiness is destination, We are striving for it, and it greater than just feeling good. 

It confirmed that Im married a writer   J

Saya masih suka bertanya dalam hati, "Is it ok if the sparkle in our relationship start to get cold?". rasanya kok abis nikah, abis punya anak ribet banget, mau pacaran udah kehabisan tenaga. kadang-kadang rasanya kangen sama kupu-kupu di dalam perut yang berterbangan ketika dijemput pacar ketika diajak kencan. saya suka bertanya-tanya juga, apa suami saya kangen rasa kayak gitu juga. rasanya mengingat dia adalah sejenis pemegang prinsip cinta platonis, jawabannya adalah tidak. He's not aiming to be love I THINK, most of the time after we married his goal is Integrity, honor, financial success and secure future for us. The platonic one who make sure everything is okay for the rest of family. 

kesannya dingin banget ya? kenyataannya nggak kok, on the 3rd year of marriage (BARU MAU TIGA TAUN YANG BENER AJA?!) I feel everything right on track. 

I can stand his snoring, 
I can stand that he's not a morning person yang bisa bangun tiap pagi anterin istrinya ke kantor. 
I can stand he's being anxious to drive ANY vehicle but don't let me. 
I can stand he's a loving babeh. 
I can stand his obsession in football in the EVERY weekend night. 
I can stand the he's not doing dish after meal.

I can stand that we're okay. 

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