a heavy conversation in my head


How are you?

Great.. kamu apa kabar? Look happy. Well, im glad anyway, at least kita gak pake dual life mode.

Im Happy, Im good, never better. Somebody unshared my path, but I'm fully understand that.

I made my access to you limited. It just the best way to keep me sane.

Thank you, such a big heart..

Yeah, you need to get back your normal life anyway. Aku paksain juga socially unacceptable. You may delete all those memories now, will be a heartbreaking moment..

Seems like you doing well..

Yes, I almost ruin your life, I’m the bastard..

Well, it takes two to tango. I also have a huge probability to ruin your life too. So this is the best decision we ever made. I respect you and myself for that.

Whatever life and time lead us.. Actually, to be honest a new case has just begun..

Well, I’ll keep it fair, no need to know the detail.  But if you want me to going back to the right track, why don’t you?

I need you to remind me. But so far no harm done

Well.. I have no word.. you bastard!


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