Survival tips for an Impulsive shopper dummies


One of my dear friend sent me this comic strip, he said : A strip comic for you. I hope you find it amusing as much as I do, when I was brainstorming on my blogpost about how people react to certain events.
comic stip by Arya Nugraha
I had Fun laughing at myself. just find out that I react so easy for this bitter fact. oh! that was me. 

Well, base on my "cetek"research on wiki : 
An impulse is a wish or urge, particularly a sudden one. It can be considered as a normal and fundamental part of human thought processes, but also one that can become problematic.The ability to control impulses, or more specifically control the desire to act on them, is an important factor in personality and socialization. Deferred gratification, also known as impulse control, is an example of this, concerning impulses primarily relating to things that a person wants or desires.

We're living in a cruel fully strategic marketing world. everything in advertisement seems so tempting! its toooo.... hard to refuse. every product, appareal, bags, shoes, traveling package, even tiny little piece of mascara comes with a very attractive formula (and a smack price!). no doubt! I want grab it all. People (read: me!) can't seem to break habit for making impulsive purchases, and while Im always decked out in the latest styles, my credit card bills are as thick as a telephone book. (cough! my financial planner gotta kill me!)

but.. we have to survive! we have an urge to keep living & keep pay the bills! its a nightmare to end up like Rebecca Blomwood on Confession of a shophaholic movie who Struggling with her debilitating obsession with shopping and (worst) the sudden collapse of her income source. 

well Im not an expert in psychology, if you have an impulsive shopping behaviour as a mental problem, all i can advice is, took professional treatment before it getting worst. 

my point of view will become from personal finance side whice actually, being an Impulsive-shopaholic person is a BIG NO! *grin* but we should having fun right? *wink* so, here's my 
tricky tips: 

Have a clear Financial Plan
its ok to become an impulsive buyer, just make sure you have a clear fundamental fund! It can be very easy to put off taking care of your long-term financial affairs. Here is a checklist to help you identify steps to put you on the road to a secure (and less stressful) financial future. for an emergency fund: Being prepared with 3 to 6 month's living expenses. next: Save for retirement.
Start with your employer's retirement plan. Review the details to ensure you get as much of the "company match" as possible. so, it will create a peace of mind and seriously can help relieve some of the financial anxiety I often feel. do Bugeting and stick to the plan. 
if all secured.. lets go shopping baby!

Don't Trap in Credit Card Evil 
Ladies & gentleman, Please Don't waste your money to pay  a high risk interest on your credit card.  If you are carrying over balances and paying interest, cut down on your card use, pay more than the required monthly minimum and eliminate this expense. Get rid of it!
use a smarter way, i often utilize  bank programe to make 6 month instalment for my transaction. but I just stop myself from being an impulsive shopper during that time. I feel that, been like 6month in hell :) 

Find a Distraction 
in my case, most of trigger for a making impulsive purchase is Online store and Discount product on department store! so during my fasting-shopping period I will avoid to visit. so far sport and outdoor activities is the best things to do. on a weekend I pack a lunchbox, going to park. what to do? take a nap! seriously its fun! 
I found mine, lets find yours.. 

easy, huh? so, lets do less worry shopping fella! I just heard that Apple will launch new iPhone 5 this friday. my credit card limit is vacant.. to swipe or not to swipe?? ;) 


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